UI Chronicles: The Freshman Year

Day 18: So you know the girl who was screaming over T.O.T. ? Well we’re friends now and her crazy bunch of friends have adopted me. It was inevitable.


UI Chronicles: The Freshman Year

Day 7: So yesterday, I made the rounds on my hostel block, showcasing my wares. At some point T.O.T. one of the people campaigning for SU president came in with his crew (a large group of guys) to our hall. Our hall is a female hall and soon the corridors were filled with people leaning over checking the display below. Drums were being played and there was a lot of dancing. They asked us to vote for their guy but the girls kept screaming for Oga Shola (another candidate), clearly he has a lot of fans.

Anyway, the guys gave up asking and went on their knees, clasping their hands and begging and prostrating before us. It was funny really. Then T.O.T. appears from nowhere and gives this speech which has the girls screaming by the end. One girl in particular was like “I don’t know what he just said, but you people down there should sha tell him that he should ask me to marry him” From there she proceeded to act like a lovesick fangirl screaming for T.O.T. She didn’t even notice when he disappeared from below and appeared behind her, prostrating for us. When she did she fell on him screaming then he got up and hugged her. When he left, she fanned herself and said, “His sweat is on me!” Then she said, “He didn’t propose, didn’t he see how I looked?” Then touches her half undone hair and starts laughing.

UI Chronicles: The Freshman Year

Day 3: Ok so you might consider the fact that my dorm room is located near the toilets and I have to inhale unhealthy amounts of ammonia every time I pass by to be the worst of it but no, unfortunately it isn’t!

My room is:

A) On the ground floor: cause for lament because ANYTHING can chew it’s way inside and co-habit with me (shudder)

B) The last on the floor. My roommate hasn’t arrived and the only floor mate on my block is hardly ever around (sigh)

C) Is near a jungle. No exaggeration. I hear sounds coming from there and yesterday I saw something: don’t know what it was scampering along the fence and the way it moved scared the crap out of me

On the bright side, however, I was told that I’ll be moved to another room: a four man room since the room I’m in is actually a one man room – for finalists. Not to be shared. Whoever it is, enjoy! >=]

Nigeria’s First Lady: Patience Jonathan

Image     It’s been subjected to International ridicule: the emotional breakdown of our First “Lady”. Yesterday, one of my colleagues at work showed me a video of the Arabs re-enacting the “speech” that was delivered by Patience Jonathan. Several people have admonished the rest of us for laughing with embarrassment at the original video claiming that the “distinguished” woman had a message to pass on. I’m sorry but I’m not clear on what that message was exactly supposed to be. It was probably there, hidden behind that poor grammar that she appeared to be reading from the paper in front of her and the rest of us just didn’t get it. It wasn’t just that she sounded so childish, it was that she broke down so thoroughly and publicly on national television. Aside from the original video being passed around and the Arabian one going viral, there is also a song of it going round. Would the jokes never end? #Darisgod-o!